Key Employees

  • Abdul Wahed Haroun
    Abdul Wahed Haroun
    Project Manager
    39 years of experience 2 Certifications
  • Ahmed Khalil
    Ahmed Khalil
    Project Manager
    Dubai Office
  • Jihad Zambarakji
    Jihad Zambarakji
    General Manager
    Dubai Office
  • Maher Youssef
    Maher Youssef
    Project Manager
  • Mohammed Ali Yousef
    Mohammed Ali Yousef
    Civil Engineer
    35 years of experience 1 Certifications
  • Safouh Kabbara
    Safouh Kabbara
    Project Manager
  • Shameer Palliparambil
    Shameer Palliparambil
    Civil Engineer
    7 years of experience 1 Certifications

Staff Overview

Conser Consulting Engineers has not yet added staff information.