Key Employees

  • Aboobaker Siddique
    Aboobaker Siddique
    Civil Draftsman Head Office
    4 years of experience
  • Faizal Bayan
    Faizal Bayan
    Civil Draftsman Head Office
    7 years of experience
  • Joseph Anthony Sarmiento
    Joseph Anthony Sarmiento
    Civil Engr Head Office
    13 years of experience
  • Nabil Challita
    Nabil Challita
    CEO Head Office
    20 years of experience
  • Nabil Naeem
    Nabil Naeem
    Project Manager
  • Osama Khalil
    Osama Khalil
    Structural Engineer Head Office
    5 years of experience
  • Rassack Kalathi Vallapil
    Rassack Kalathi Vallapil
    Senior Civil/Structural Draftsman Head Office
    8 years of experience

Staff Overview

American Consultant Office has not yet added staff information.